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We provide planning design, construction and management expertise to ensure every build is a success.

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We’re the wizards of construction, weaving magic with hammers and blueprints. Creating spaces with a sprinkle of fun and a whole lot of imagination!

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Introducing L'Equipe Inc., where dreams morph into reality. Led by an effervescent visionary, we redefine luxury through impeccable service, attentive listening, and surpassing expectations. With a decade of expertise, we don't just build houses; we craft love-filled havens, cherished memories, and lasting legacies. It all began in 1997 when a determined 15-year-old girl craved her own space. Collaborating with her resourceful father, they created a captivating home on stilts, adorned with casuarina pine trees, an open floor plan, and abundant windows. Witnessing the astonishment of family, neighbors, and friends, her masterpiece was born.

In just five years, this extraordinary young lady dived headfirst into architecture, spending over a decade turning dreams into reality. Her gift for materializing visions became her trademark. Fueled by unwavering passion, she built a firm that challenges the belief that luxury is unattainable. At L'Equipe Inc., we offer hope and transform lives. We understand the power of a helping hand, turning despair into opportunity. Life is fleeting, so let's be kind and compassionate. Our outreach is a source of immense pride as we constantly strive for excellence. Come join us on this remarkable journey, where dreams become reality and luxury becomes within reach. At L'Equipe Inc., we create spaces that transcend shelter, offering exceptional service and heartfelt care in every project.

Our Team

This bunch is bursting with energy, creativity, and a passion for crafting unforgettable experiences. Let's dive into the joy-filled world of our awesome squad!

Moni-Q Saunders (Principal)

With over 20 years of architectural experience, Monique's passion for construction drove her to become a licensed contractor. Her expertise and dedication make her an invaluable asset in leading our company to architectural excellence.

Sophie Saunders
(Vice principal)

Love for gardening pushed her to become landscape designer. Her passion has provided our clients with the ability to step into a world of natural wonders! Our landscape designer extraordinaire crafts breathtaking outdoor spaces, blending artistry and nature's palette to create your own personal paradise. Let's transform your dreams into reality!

Leo Kemp
(Const. Project Manager)

Entrepreneur and family man. He has proven that meticulous management and the foresight necessary to successfully move projects forward is indeed a talent. With exactly one decade of experience, structure and strength are the core of his strategy. Leo’s zeal for bringing 2-D or 3-D into real life makes him as he calls it , “a magician”. With a rapidly growing portfolio, his ability to produce an elite product upholds our client satisfaction at 100% currently.

LaTiffany Kemp
(Const. Site Administrator)

Each contract, billing statement, project schedule, worker etc. is carefully monitored by our “office angel”. The nickname embodies her uncanny ability to organize every, single detail while birthdays, coworkers kids’ games or recitals are also accounted for. Eight years of experience within the service industry and private concierge services, has refined her skills to where she flawlessly manages all office affairs.

James Saunders
(Senior Site Foreman)

Time and experience are the precursors to wisdom. While, books are a wonderful goldmine, four decades of an interactive library is an invaluable resource.  As a diesel mechanic, skilled carpenter and mason, his keen eye for detail are an integral part of why our construction team never misses a beat or lose valuable time when catering to any of our clients.

Laura-Beth Russell
(Junior Site Foreman)

The young lady who says, “I love the sound of a skill saw in the morning”. Two years of active supervisory responsibilities within the company, Laura has managed to start building a considerable portfolio. Under the tutelage of our on site foremen, she has proven that not only does she produce a great standard of excellence but there is a passion for the craft that is undeniable.

Tyla-James Russell
(Team Strategist)

In today’s world being able to maneuver the complex and rapid changes while staying relevant and effective is the job for flexible intelligence. Two years within the tech industry and a love for social media influence crossed paths with her gift to produce models/strategies that have consistently moved our company forward within the last year.

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